Crème duLaser

The Volisór product special line has been developed with dedicated attention to the South and Central American variation of skin characteristics,  resulting in a unique beauty-treatment named Crème duLaser®. To achieve the best results a proper balance of natural salts has been introduced to the moisturizing cream to painlessly give the skin, a silky smooth beauty.

Crème duLaser® is a non-prescription Skin Care Cosmetic beauty-treatment based on findings from the Arabic region where it was realized already in ancient times that there was a favorable connection between the correct concentration of natural salts from the Dead Sea, Caspian Sea and hormonal body cycles, after body hair removal, and beautiful long-lasting silky smooth skin.

Each individual have their own characteristic and the treatment may vary from person to person. Professional facilities such as high end beauty parlors and esthetic clinics with specially trained teams will ensure the best results.

To the beauty you deserve!




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